And tomorrow …

… we close Four Quartets!  I blink my eyes and…we’re done—for now.

What a ride!  What a joy!  What a privilege!  To have said those words and to have taken that journey night after night.  I’ve learned so much in the course of this run:  lessons theatrical, lessons poetical, lessons personal and spiritual.  And I have accomplished what I set out to achieve months—years!—back when I first steered toward public performance.  For example, there is no doubt that in the course of this work I have come to understand the poem in a deeper, richer way (while recognizing that there is (so much) more to learn and to understand).

But, hey, not so fast: I still have one more performance to give in this run!

And I plan to continue jotting my notes and thoughts here concerning Eliot and Four Quartets, beginning with my After Action Report once we conclude.

Until then I’ll continue “… bailing, / Setting and hauling…”


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